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About Eurinco Group

Company Profile

EURINCO was established in September 1999 at BANGLADESH., It began as a small business known as machinery and ICT accessories .In 2015, the company expanded to include manufacturing of grain storage systems and then steel framing products .
It's a new born company but the partners of EURINCO With almost 60 years of engineering and manufacturing experience. Now EURINCO has gained a worldwide reputation for high-quality products, great customer service, and strong corporate ethics. Taking an active role in the local community, EURINCO contributes to several charities and foundations and is involved with many local machinery and ICT institutions.
EURINCO's comprehensive team of engineers, administrative and office staff, craftsmen, and student interns focus on providing customer driven products at competitive prices. We currently have manufacturing facilities and branches located in six states and Canada, along with sales representatives around the world.

EURINCO Grain Systems

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The Grain Systems division designs and manufactures complete grain storage and handling systems. Our grain storage and hopper bins/silos range in size, so we can provide solutions for small farms or large commercial projects. We provide aeration equipment, bucket elevators, conveyors, augers, and a full line of accessories to meet all project requirements. Our partners currently have grain storage and handling systems located in 80 countries. This has provided us with vast experience designing solutions for various load capacities, as well as atmospheric and seismic conditions.

EURINCO Prefabrication steel

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EURINCO Software is a leading provider of high-end software outsourcing services, specializing in web development, enterprise application development, system integration and business automation tools, with industry-specific software expertise in financial and media sectors. The centre has started its journey with a vision to instigate a platform for research that is needed and appropriate for our country as well as our whole world. Initially EURINCO Software has started with web application, desktop application and customized project developing other IT related projects. Though started with electronic segment, the potentiality of the centre will be diversified into research and development in the other segments of engineering.

EURINCO Building materials

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#Steel & Metal products

Steel and metal products are widely used in building and construction. Steel is commonly used to make reinforced concrete that supports structures in buildings, bridges, dams etc.

Steel is made up of iron combined with a small percentage of carbon.

High-carbon or ‘hard’ steel is used to make tools with cutting edges.

Medium- carbon steel is used for critical structural components of buildings such as I-beams, reinforcing bars and frames.

Low- carbon or ‘mild’ steel is used for pipes, nails, screws, door and window hinges, wire, screening, fencing and corrugated roofing sheets.

Metals such as aluminum and copper have become popular building materials due to their ability to resist rust and corrosion.

Copper is used for electric wires, tubing for water supply and for flashing.

Aluminum is most commonly used for roofing sheets, gutters and the accompanying nails.

Brass is another corrosion-resistant alloy of copper and zinc used extensively for building hardware.

Like cement, running a steel production plant is very capital intensive. The opportunity for entrepreneurs lies in retail and distribution of steel products to home builders and construction contractors.


Brick Block Tiles

If it's been awhile since you've purchased tile, you're in for quite a surprise. Acme Brick Tile & Stone offers a variety of porcelain, ceramic and stone flooring. Decorative accents, hand painted wall tiles, glass and stone mosaics and metal accents are also available. Many of our locations have in-house designers for our customers' convenience.


  • Durability. When properly installed, a tile floor will outperform and outlast every other floor covering.
  • Easy care. Tile is a low-maintenance material that resists stains, odors, and dirt. It can often be cleaned using a damp mop or sponge.
  • Scratch resistance. Grade III and IV are extremely resistant to scratching - which means never having to worry about a cut or tear in the surface.
  • An environmentally friendly choice. Ceramic and porcelain tile are made from natural earth materials. They don't emit chemicals into the air ("outgassing" and don't retain odors, allergens, or bacteria.
  • Fire and water resistant. Tile don't burn - and aren't damaged by contact with a hot pan. Tile's dense body allows little to no accumulation of moisture.



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Paints are applied to interior and exterior walls of buildings to make them beautiful, enhance texture and protect from cracks, wear and tear.

There are paints of all colours and types in the market which typically include: emulsions (water-based paints)matte finish, gloss, varnish, enamel and lacquers.

A growing number of local businesses now manufacture paints to compete with dominant foreign brands.

We advise that you understand the tastes and preferences of home builders and construction contractors in your area before you go ahead to invest in stock.

Machine Tools Factory


Eurinco is an established global brand with a proven business model built for your success. We bring together best-in-the-business consumer research, exceptional products, and innovative offers and programs to attract consumers to your stations and add value to your bottom line.

Partner with us and take advantage of:

  • Your choice of two of the most nationally recognized brands with approximately 10,000 gas stations in the U.S. and growing
  • Access to competitively priced, world-class products including TOP TIER® Exxon- and Mobil-branded Synergy™ gasoline and Mobil 1™ motor oil – the world’s leading synthetic motor oil brand
  • Our dependable and extensive network of terminals and pipelines across the country, delivering more than 10 billion gallons of branded fuel every year
  • Advanced payment and card options like Speedpass, the Speedpass+ app, the ExxonMobil Smart Card and an array of gift cards and commercial credit cards
  • Revolutionary consumer pull programs