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Launch Date 2018-11-25
Product Category Machinery
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The Priceless Header and Kwik-Jamb System is an engineered header and jamb system that’s cut-to-length and ready to install, saving 70% to 80% in labor cost over traditional methods.


  • Offers a revolutionary solution for header and jamb systems for door and window openings
  • Provides a standard solution to the many problems associated with traditional headers and jambs that have troubled architects, engineers, contractors, and inspectors for decades
  • Standardizes the system for exterior and interior openings
  • Creates simplicity for the architect, engineer, and contractor

Features & Benefits

  • Reduces labor cost by 70% to 80%
  • Meets or exceeds building code criteria
  • Includes section property tables
  • Typical CAD details for windows and doors
  • Easy-to-use member selection tables and software
  • Pre-cut engineered assembly, reducing waste
  • Provided saddle clip for easy connections to Kwik-Jamb
  • No cutting of stud flanges or welding required
  • Conveys greater axial strength
  • Improved stiffness for deflection
  • Excellent for load bearing applications
  • Simplifies engineering design for jambs and headers
  • Excellent bending strength in both (x) and (y) directions

Material Composition

Product conforms to ASTM A653 / A653M standard specifications.

Yield Strength

  • 33EQS, 43EQS, 54, 68, 97, 127 mil: 57 ksi

Coating Thickness

  • 33EQS, 43EQS, 54 mil: G60 hot-dipped galvanized coating
  • 68, 97, 127 mil: G90 hot-dipped galvanized coating

Material Thickness

  • 33 EQS
  • 43 EQS
  • 54 mil
  • 68 mil
  • 97 mil
  • 127 mil